Friday, August 12, 2005


sent by ibu Aluyah (Uya')

I.The value of prayers to Muslims
Prayer is the second Pillar of Islam, and is important for many reasons. Some of these reasons are:
A.Worship is the purpose of man’s creation
Allah says in the Qur’an:
“ I have created jinn and men only so that they should worship Me (51; 56)
Prayer is one of the most well-known forms of worship. Therefore in prayer we are doing one of the things Allah has created us to do.

B.Prayer is a command from Allah
In following Allah’s command we show our willingness to obey Allah and submit completely to Him.

C.Prayer is a reminder of Allah

1.When we pray we remember Allah. We praise Him for His Mercy and kindness and we remember that He is our Master and King on the Day of Judgment. We ask Him to guide us on the right path. We do this five times every day and it reminds us all the time of Allah. In this way we become more conscious of Allah, avoid breaking His laws, and become better people.
The Qur’an says :
“ Indeed the prayer prevents one from shameful acts” (29;45)
As individual Muslims become better persons, so does the community as a whole benefit and improve”

2.When we pray in the night, our consciousness of Allah is increased. The Prophet advised:
“ Worship your Lord as if you see Him; although you don’t see Him, He Sees you”

D. Prayer expresses humility of man before Allah
Prayer in Islam includes both words and movements which are intended to express man’s humility before Allah. Thus, regardless of a person’s social position or wealth, whether he is a president or a poor man, he is to bow and prostrate with his nose and forehead on the ground. All men and women are Allah’s servants and the prayer in this form helps to remove all feelings of pride and superiority towards other human beings.

E. Prayer is communication with Allah
The person praying is able to express his needs directly to Allah. Allah says in the Qur’an:
“ Ask Me and I shall answer you” (40;60)
Prayer therefore brings a Muslim close to Allah, and he feels hopeful that Allah will help him to face and overcome all the difficulties that may trouble him.

F. Prayers strengthen Islamic Brotherhood
It is strongly recommended that Muslims should pray in groups, whether at home with the family, or in a mosque, or anywhere else where Muslims find themselves together at the time of prayer.
The act of praying together increases the feeling of brotherhood among Muslims. In the prayer, Muslims pray for Allah’s guidance and blessings and peace on each other, and so their love for each other is increased. They become kinder to each other and more helpful.

G. Prayers teach punctuality, co-operation and discipline
When prayer is due, there should be no delay in going to pray. Other activities must stop because of prayer. A Muslim also has to get up early because the first prayer is at dawn. In this way he learns not to be lazy but to do things at their right time.
The arrangement of prayer in a group is a lesson in co-operation, orderliness and discipline. The one who is most learned is to lead as Imam. The followers are to line up in straight lines, shoulder to shoulder, like soldiers. When the Imam gives the lead, the group is to follow him like one body. If the Imam makes any mistake in prayer, one of the followers should correct him politely in the prescribed manner.

Each person comes to prayer washed and with clothes clean and neat, so that he does not appear untidy before Allah, and does not offend his neighbour by smelling badly. The beauties and benefits of prayer in Islam are too many to mention. Those given above are just some examples.

1. Mention and explain some reasons why a Muslim should pray.
2. How does prayer help a Muslim in his or her daily life?
3. How does prayer help the Muslim community?
4. What useful lessons in behavior do we learn from
a. Prayer at fixed times of day?
b. Prayer in a group?

Materi sholat diatas dapat menjadi bahan dalam mengajarkan pentingnya menjalankan ibadah sholat kepada anak maupun anak didik kita.
Disertai juga dengan latihan menjawab pertanyaan seputar kewajiban sholat.

Semoga bermanfaat.

Jazakillah khair.


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